Panoramic Radiographs


If your dentist has ordered a panoramic x-ray in order to conduct a thorough examination of your teeth, you may have been left wondering exactly what it entails for you. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect during your panoramic x-ray.

What Is A Panoramic X-Ray?

A panoramic radiograph (x-ray) is a radiographic image that includes the entirety of the mouth and jaw. The patient steps inside the machine and places their lips around a small bite tab. The dental professional, usually an assistant, will then assist the patient in placing their feet and hands in the correct positions before exiting the room to take the image. The machine will rotate completely around the patient’s head for about one minute before returning to its original position. The finished image will contain the entirety of the patient’s mouth, including the jaw.

Why Do I Need A Panoramic X-Ray?

It is common for a panoramic x-ray to be used for primary treatment planning when a patient begins treatment with a new dentist in Robstown. Dentists will also order that a panoramic x-ray is taken when they need to take a close look at the positioning of the teeth, the condition of the bone in the jaw, and to check for the possibility of sinus issues. It is also a key tool for orthodontic planning and to examine wisdom teeth that may be impacted.

Moving forward with the information you learned here, you will be able to better understand panoramic radiographs. Dr. Malhotra and his team would be more than happy to help you learn more about how a panoramic x-ray may benefit your treatment.

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