Root Canal Treatment – How We Can Save Your Teeth

Root Canal Treatment - How We Can Save Your Teeth

Infection in the root canals of teeth must be removed during root canal therapy in order to heal the supporting tissues. Its major goal is to save teeth that can no longer be saved by conventional dental operations due to severe decay, fracture, abscess, etc. damage.

During a root canal procedure / RCT, the pulp of tooth which is damaged or infected is removed. Your dentist will then clean, fill, and seal the hollow pulp chamber and root canals. A tooth that might normally be pulled is actually saved with root canal therapy. The tooth can still be utilised for biting and chewing since it is still attached in the bone even after the pulp has been removed.

What Follows a Root Canal

Even though your dentist at Robs Towns Smiles may recommend multiple appointments, root canal therapy can occasionally be finished in a single appointment. Back teeth typically take longer to repair because they have more canals and are more challenging to do so. Dental x-rays must be taken during this process to measure the lengths and locations of the canals.

A tooth that has had a root canal performed might be a little bit more fragile than a healthy tooth, but with the right restoration and care, it can last for many years. The best maintenance includes regular brushing, flossing, a balanced diet, and six-monthly dental checkups. In actuality, root canals are crucial for saving decayed teeth and repairing them. By treating the infected teeth, root canal therapy can stop bacteria and toxins from getting into the bloodstream and causing other health problems.

Root Canal is Safe

When the tooth’s nerve tissue is dies and becomes infected, a root canal is normally carried out. Even though most people would rather not consider it, this kind of treatment is frequently required. Contrary to what most people believe, the treatment is not at all painful. Since this nerve tissue is dead and is responsible for all sensory perception, the treatment can be performed without anaesthesia. Root canals shouldn’t cause you any anxiety. A Root Canal Treatment at Robstown Smiles can help save your teeth that are infected.

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