How To Keep White Teeth after teeth whitening?

How To Keep White Teeth after teeth whitening

After a teeth-whitening treatment, you probably want to keep your teeth’s new color. Even though your teeth have microscopic pores all over them, they give the impression of being hard and polished. Because of this, the dyes in food and drink can seep into your teeth and discolor them from the inside. Teeth that are already porous may become considerably more so after a professional whitening procedure. That’s why, for at least the first two days, you should stay away from anything that can cause tooth discoloration.

How do you maintain a pearly-white smile?

There is a significant window of opportunity in the first two days following treatment. You may smile freely again after getting your teeth professionally whitened if you follow these measures.

Steer clear of coffee, red wine, fruit juice, dark carbonated drinks, black tea, beer, and anything else that leaves a dark stain.

Stay away from dark sauces because they can ruin your pearly whites. Soy sauce, BBQ sauce, and red pasta sauce are all examples of such sauces.

Eat only light-colored foods after you whiten your teeth. The following items may be helpful to avoid after treatment: cauliflower, whitefish, feta cheese, peeled potatoes, white yogurt, clear coconut water, white pasta, whitefish, eggs, and white cream sauces.

Stay away from foods that are acidic or sour. Items with a citrus flavor, such as oranges, lemons, or limes, are acidic. You risk enamel erosion due to the acidic flavor.

Use a straw to avoid staining your teeth from juices and other drinks. So, you won’t have to worry about the liquid getting on your teeth.

Stay away from extreme temperatures. Our teeth will experience some sensitivity following the whitening procedure. Avoid foods that are extremely spicy or cold, as a general rule. You can lessen the likelihood of discomfort by using a toothpaste made specifically for sensitive teeth.

Visit Dentist. Maintaining white teeth after whitening requires consistent brushing and flossing. Since you went to the trouble of bleaching them, you might as well keep them that color. To keep your pearly whites looking their best for as long as possible, make it a habit to wash your teeth after consuming items that can discolor them.

After a week has passed since the procedure, use a whitening toothpaste. Because your teeth will be more permeable after the process, you may experience a little increased sensitivity. For that reason, you ought to refrain from using said items subsequent to bleaching. But once the pain goes away, you may keep your teeth white by using whitening toothpaste every time you brush. Compared to using ordinary toothpaste, you’ll see that this one keeps your teeth whiter for far longer when you start using it every day.

Stay away from anything that can leave a stain on your teeth for at least another 48 hours after treatment. How long your treatment’s effects last is heavily dependent on this. The whitening effect will wear off more quickly if you go back to your old habits of tooth discoloration. It may take anywhere from six months to a year for your teeth to fully whiten, depending on how diligent you are.

Could teeth-whitening harm your teeth?

You may relax knowing that frequent professional teeth-whitening visits won’t harm your teeth because the process doesn’t harm tooth enamel. However unsupervised at-home treatments might harm your teeth, and different issues, including sensitivity, can develop in your teeth over time.

Why can we whiten certain teeth but not others?

Wear and strain cause enamel to weaken with age, revealing dentin, the layer directly beneath the tooth structure. Since dentin is inherently yellow and cannot be lightened by teeth-whitening treatments, the technique fails miserably.

Can fillings or crowns affect the results of teeth whitening?

Crowns and fillings placed in highly exposed areas will not whiten in the same way as natural teeth. The whitening gel won’t be able to penetrate the materials as they aren’t porous like real teeth. It is important to remember this in order to prevent any color variations following bleaching.

Whitening Treatment

Prior to whitening, dentists recommend that patients have a comprehensive dental exam and cleaning. You might get even greater teeth-whitening effects when your teeth are clean since whitening ingredients are absorbed more effectively.

Our dentists can also provide a set of whitening trays for at-home use. These work in tandem to prolong the benefits of the first round of teeth-whitening procedures; however, if you experience any kind of tooth sensitivity, it could be wise to wait until you’ve healed before beginning. Consider utilizing trays at home every six months if you consume a lot of colored drinks and food. Several days should be sufficient for one tray. Put the tray with the whitening gel into your mouth and let it sit for at least one and a half hours.

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