The 5 Telltale Signs Your Wisdom Teeth are Erupting

The 5 Telltale Signs Your Wisdom Teeth are Erupting

Wisdom teeth impaction is irritating the gums.Many kids become psyched to see their adult teeth emerge when their baby teeth fall out. But when it comes to wisdom teeth, things change for teenagers and young adults. Because third molars are notorious for crowding other teeth out of place or coming in at an unnatural angle, resulting in pain and potentially significant dental issues, they are typically removed. Before wisdom teeth have completely erupted, many dentists advise having them removed. Do you still need your final four teeth to come in? Here are 5 telltale symptoms of incoming wisdom teeth.

What are Wisdom teeth?

The third set of molars, or wisdom teeth, can appear in either the upper or lower jaw. They often appear between the ages of 17 and 21, when a person is older and “wiser” than when their other adult teeth came in.

Impacted wisdom teeth refer to third molars that either erupt at an angle, partially erupted through the gums, or remain trapped beneath the gum line, all of which can lead to major dental disorders such as gum disease, cysts, and an increased risk of tooth decay.

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How do I tell whether my wisdom teeth are finally ready to erupt?

The following are some of the most typical signs of wisdom teeth coming in:

  • Irritation and swelling of the gums behind the lower second molars is the most common side effects.
  • Secondly, some people experience aches and pains as their wisdom teeth erupt. Typically, they begin as a dull ache in the back of the jaw, but for some, they become more frequent and severe.
  • Thirdly, discomfort in unrelated areas might occur when wisdom teeth strain on nerves serving the face, eyes, and ears.
  • As the wisdom teeth push through the gums, the gums that cover them may become red or dark pink.
  • The appearance of several tiny white bumps behind your second molars is an unmistakable indicator that your wisdom teeth are erupting. The tiny white bumps you see above your gum line are the crowns of your new teeth.

So, What Do You Need to Do Now?

A visit to your periodontist at Robstown Smiles is in order if you or your adolescent are suffering any of the aforementioned problems.

If a wisdom tooth emerges in an otherwise healthy and pain-free position, it may not be necessary to remove it. However, impacted third molars can cause a great deal of discomfort and other major dental problems, thus removal is typically advised.

The roots of a person’s wisdom teeth are less difficult to extract before the age of 20. You shouldn’t put off seeing a periodontist if you or your adolescent son or daughter is suffering pain from wisdom teeth.


Experts at Robstown Smiles have performed thousands of successful wisdom tooth extractions over the years. They are the backbone of Robstown Smiles skilled staff. Call us at 361-933-0124 or check out our website for additional information about getting your wisdom teeth pulled.

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