Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

If you’ve been told that you are in need of a root canal, you may be wondering how you can benefit from this treatment. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of root canal treatment.

What is a Root Canal?

In order to fully understand how you can benefit from a root canal treatment, it’s important to first understand what a root canal is.

When a root canal is completed, the central canal of the tooth is cleaned out of the infected pulp and irrigated in order to create a sterile, healthy environment. The tooth is then filled and sealed off, and in most cases is then covered with a protective crown to ensure that there is no chance of further damage or decay.

Inflammation, Infection, and Pain

In most cases, a root canal is needed because the damage, infection or decay in the tooth has reached the central nerve of the tooth. This can cause considerable amounts of inflammation, infection, and pain for the patient.

Once the root canal is completed, the patient will finally have relief in the inflammation or pain they were experiencing.

Avoiding Extraction

If a patient opts not to follow through with root canal treatment in Robstown, their alternative option is to extract the tooth.

It’s always recommended to save a natural tooth whenever possible; replacing a natural tooth can be costly, and if the patient is not able to replace it right away, it has the potential to cause bone recession or the shifting of teeth.

Root Canal Treatment in Robstown, Texas

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