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Why Do You Need A Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction though a simple procedure and advised only when absolutely necessary often makes patients worry about the pain they might experience. What is Tooth Extraction? A dental procedure known as a tooth extraction involves removing a tooth from its dental socket. Dental extractions are a technique that our dentists at Robstown Smiles in Robstown, […]


What Is The Cause Of Your Toothache?

Toothaches can manifest in a variety of ways, including inflamed and irritated gums, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, headache, fever, ache in gums, and acute, pulsing, or continuous mouth pain. Many people are surprised by a sudden, severe toothache that leaves their eyes watering and their gums throbbing. There are actually many reasons for […]


Is A Partial Denture Or Dental Bridge Right For You?

Losing a few teeth can leave gaps in your mouth and have a significant impact on your look, speech, and bite. You can visit Robstown Smiles, Dental Office in Robstown, Texas to talk about tooth replacement possibilities rather than enduring difficulties and shame. The two most often used affordable methods of tooth replacement are partial […]


Gum Disease: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

What is a Gum disease? Periodontal disease, sometimes referred to as gum disease, is a bacterial infection that affects the gums and occasionally the bone that surrounds teeth. Gum illnesses range from mild irritation of the gums (gingivitis) to severe infection (periodontitis), and they can affect one tooth or numerous teeth. Your gums require specific […]


Your To-Do List Before Your Endodontics Appointment

What Happens During an Endodontic Procedure? Using a local anesthetic, the endodontic procedure will be carried out. After the surgery, there are often no limitations on driving or going back to work. If a problem develops following your treatment, a doctor is always accessible for advice. How To Prepare Yourself Before Endodontic Surgery? As prescribed […]


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