Reasons for Utilizing Your Dental Insurance Prior to Year’s End

Reasons for Utilizing Your Dental Insurance Prior to Year's End

Use your dental benefits before the year ends and you might save hundreds of dollars. Did you know that? The majority of dental insurance policies follow the calendar year, while some also follow the fiscal year. Let these five reasons convince you to schedule your dental visit right away if your dental insurance is on a calendar year.

5 Reasons to use Your Dental Insurance Before the End of the Year

Annual Cap

The annual maximum represents the highest amount that your dental insurance plan will cover for dental work done in a single calendar year. While the exact price could vary from one insurance provider to another, a good ballpark is $1,000 year per individual. On January 1st of each year, the annual maximum renews. Your unused benefits will not carry over to the next year.


Before your insurance company starts paying for dental care, you’ll have to pay a certain amount, called the deductible. If you go with a dentist who isn’t in your insurance network, you can end up paying more out of pocket. Nonetheless, annual dental insurance deductibles often hover around $50. When your insurance plan changes, your deductible also resets.

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Each month, you should be making use of your dental insurance benefits if you are paying the premiums. Having routine dental cleanings is important for preventing and detecting early signs of oral cancer, gum disease, cavities, and other dental disorders, regardless of whether you require dental treatment or not.

Changes to Fees

Potential fee increases are another incentive to use your advantages before the year ends. Because of the annual increase in the cost of living as well as supplies and equipment, some dentists choose to boost their rates at the start of the year. Your copay can go up if the fees go up.

Dental Issues Might Get Even Worse

Delaying dental treatment increases the likelihood of needing more comprehensive and costly procedures in the future. A cavity that seems minor at the moment could end up requiring a root canal treatment.

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