What Causes a Black Line Around a Dental Crown?

What Causes a Black Line Around a Dental Crown?

You probably adored how your dental crown improved your smile and gave your teeth its function back once your dentist first fixed it. But now you see that the crown doesn’t quite appear the same as it did before. Along its margin, a faint black line has developed.

In this article, we’ll talk about what black lines around dental crowns could indicate and what you can do to make your smile look more natural again.

The Black Line’s Significance

Most of the time, the makeup of a dental crown is what causes a black line to appear around it. Porcelain and metal are often fused together to create crowns. These crowns have a hard metal inside shell that is encased in porcelain. The metal makes sure that the crown is very strong and long-lasting, and the porcelain adds beauty.

PFM crowns initially appear to be the perfect fusion of power and beauty. But, the issue with them is that with time, the metal shell might start to show up close to the gum line, leaving an ugly black line. It draws attention away from the elegance of the porcelain and makes it clear to others that you have had dental work.

Even though there are probably no serious risks to your oral health indicated by that black line, you should still go to the dentist to have it examined. There is a slight possibility that the black is actually a portion of your healthy tooth structure that has decayed. Furthermore, gum recession could be a sign. In order to determine what is really causing the black line, your dentist will examine both your tooth and your crown.

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Get Rid of the Black Line

You could be able to get the crown changed if your dentist identifies the metal lining in your crown as the cause of the black line. Ask your dentist if a restoration made entirely of porcelain would be a better option than a new PFM crown. Metal does not interfere with the natural beauty of porcelain crowns. Also, they are resilient enough to tolerate the stresses of regular eating and drinking. They are exceptionally stain-resistant, so you can count on them to last for many years while still looking stunning.

But what if your PFM crown isn’t the cause of the black line? Your dentist will assess the issue and inform you of the necessary actions to restore the aesthetics of your smile and restart your dental health.

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