Dental Care for Your Baby

Dental Care for Your Baby

Everything You Need to Know as A New Parent

As a new parent, you are constantly on a learning curve while discovering how to best care for and nurture your little one. An important part of keeping them healthy and happy is ensuring that you are helping them manage their oral health. Continue reading to learn more about dental care for your baby.

Home Care

A large part of ensuring that your child’s dental health is properly managed is ensuring that they are practicing proper home care. Of course, in the first couple of years of their life, they will need your help to do so.

Many people wonder just when exactly is the best time to begin helping their child practice good dental hygiene habits at home. You may be surprised to learn that you can start healthy oral care practices early on in your child’s life, even before they have any teeth at all; practice wiping your child’s gums with a damp cloth to help them become accustomed to the sensations. When their first teeth begin to erupt from the gums, you can either continue to use the damp cloth or invest in a soft-bristled toothbrush designed for infants. You will not need to use toothpaste until your child is around 18 months in age, or unless specified by your pediatric dentist.

Dental Check-Ups

Your child is ready for their first dental check-up as soon as their first tooth erupts. Your little one’s pediatric dentist will begin monitoring the growth and development of their teeth at this time, and they will also assist you with instilling good hygiene habits and emphasizing the importance of maintaining their dental health. This is an excellent way to help your child form a positive relationship with the dentist that can help promote a lifetime of good dental hygiene habits.

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