Methods of Smile Makeover

Methods of Smile Makeover

Many people have an idea of their “dream” smile; straight, gleaming white teeth that make a lasting first impression and boost confidence. While at first it may seem out of reach, your dream smile is very much achievable with the assistance of a skilled dentist.

4 Popular Methods of Smile Makeover

Teeth Whitening

For most people, a whiter smile is one of the most important things they wish for when completing a smile makeover. Whiter teeth are achievable with professional teeth whitening treatments, in which it is possible to lighten the teeth multiple shades in just one sitting. This is also a great way to undo stains caused by coffee, smoking, or acidic foods.


Dental veneers are thin cosmetic pieces of composite or ceramic that cover the natural structure of the tooth. With the application of veneers, patients are able to completely change the entire look of their smile, customizing the exact size, shape, and color of the teeth as they please.

Composite Bonding

For people who struggle with chips or other blemishes in the structure of the teeth, composite bonding is an excellent option. This method allows for the quick and simple restoration of the structure of the tooth using a moldable composite material.

Home Methods

While your dream smile is best achieved with the help of your dentist in Robstown, TX, there are a few things you can do at home to make some positive changes to your teeth:

  • At-home whitening
  • Avoid acidic foods and beverages
  • Brushing with whitening toothpaste

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