How A Broken Or Chipped Tooth Can Be Restored By Your Cosmetic Dentist

How A Broken Or Chipped Tooth Can Be Restored By Your Cosmetic Dentist

You can be biting into something when a hard object suddenly feels like it is between your teeth. When you consider that it might be a fragment of your tooth, you become alarmed. In that scenario, don’t be concerned. Your dentist at Robstown Smiles can fix practically any dental issue involving a cracked or broken tooth with just a phone call.

Perhaps while out on a leisurely bike ride through your town, you trip and break your front teeth. Because you have no idea what to expect, this could be very frightening, but keep in mind that your dentist is just a phone call away and can fix your smile!

Restoring a Broken or Chipped Tooth: Your Options

What possibilities there are for restoring cracked or broken teeth may now be on your mind. For information on what to anticipate with cosmetic dentistry and a fractured or chipped tooth, we’ve put up a few recommendations you can read.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are the greatest option when the tooth is genuinely shattered. They are extremely similar to dental veneers in terms of the process. The key distinction is that the crown protects the entire tooth, as opposed to simply the front part. Your tooth will be given greater support in this method because the break is larger. Before placing the crown on your tooth in some specific situations where the break leaves the nerves of your tooth exposed, a root canal procedure may need to be finished.

Whether bondings, veneers, or crowns are required, your dentist will first discuss with you. Then, you and your dentist can choose which one is best for your situation.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding would be the process used to assist restore a tooth that has only little chipping. It basically follows the same steps as a molar filling that you may have had in the past. Your dentist may make the dental bonding look extremely natural by matching the hue to the rest of your teeth. Your smile is cosmetically improved and the chip is repaired thanks to a bonding, but you must be aware that it is delicate. This implies that you shouldn’t be biting into crunchy or hard meals with the newly healed area.

Dental Veneers

They are essentially thin porcelain shells that cover the front of your teeth and can fix a chipped tooth completely.

When the chipping is a little larger or you and your dentist decide you want a more comprehensive restoration rather than a temporary one, dental veneers are an option. Dental veneers require some drilling of your original tooth and are more intrusive than bondings. You must be prepared for the procedure as a result. The result may produce a more attractive consequence for you. Molds of your teeth are used exactly throughout, and they are transported to a lab. Your dentist will be the one to install your porcelain veneers, which are created to precisely match the color of your teeth.

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