Top 5 Health Benefits of Smiling

Top 5 Health Benefits of Smiling

Say cheese! Smiling goes farther than just showing off your pearly whites; it actually helps promote a healthy body and lifestyle, as well.

Five Health Benefits of Smiling and Laughing

1. Reduced Stress

Stress is a factor in our everyday lives, but sometimes it can develop into something that is harmful to both our mental and physical health.

Making an effort to smile more each day has a proven effect on reducing stress levels; its been clinically examined that maintaining a smile while experiencing stress helps reduce the heart rate.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure has the potential to cause numerous health issues, most concerning the heart. Smiling and laughing more can provide a relief to high blood pressure.

3. Improve Overall Mood

Of course, no one likes to feel blue. Clinical studies have found that smiling or laughing when you’re feeling down has the potential to “trick” the mind and improve overall mood.

4. Immune Health

The body’s immune system can be severely impacted by high stress or blood pressure levels; negative thoughts have actually been clinically examined to lower the body’s immune health. Smiling and laughing more can help strengthen and defend the immune system.

5. Improved Personal Relationships

Approaching your personal relationships with a negative mindset may tend to bring forth a negative outcome, no matter what your intentions are. Spending more time smiling and laughing with friends shows that you enjoy their company and encourages them to want to spend their time with you.

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