3 Signs That Show You Might Need a Root Canal

3 Signs That Show You Might Need a Root Canal

The three main indications that you might require a root canal should be taken into consideration. You are more likely to prevent a root canal if you visit the dentist as soon as symptoms appear. But even if you do, you have nothing to worry about.

What Happens in a Root Canal?

A dentist or endodontist will typically begin a root canal by numbing the patient’s mouth. The dental expert then drills a small hole to remove the infected pulp and other debris. After finishing, the dentist cleans the area. Depending on the severity, the patient can have a crown right away or at a later appointment.

Signs That a Root Canal Is Necessary

The following three are the most significant of the various symptoms to watch for. Individuals need to remember that frequent exams and good oral hygiene maintain teeth in a healthy state. It is typically sufficient to prevent this process. Yet, one must see a dentist as soon as there is a problem.

1. Pain

The excruciating pain you experience when chewing or biting down on something hard is the most obvious symptom of needing a root canal. The majority of people also feel a sharp sensation in addition to throbbing.

2. A fractured or chipped tooth

Another indication is a chipped or broken tooth, which could be the result of trauma or biting down on something hard. In this instance, the breach exposes nerves. It could cause an infection and in turn, causes severe pain if food debris and bacteria get inside. This is fixed by a root canal, to relieve pain.

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3. Sensitivity to heat and cold

Some people have a higher sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks by nature. Yet, people who require a root canal feel a strong sensation. Mild sensitivity that is usually brought on by an exposed nerve could develop into severe pain if left untreated.


A dentist may be able to salvage your natural tooth if you seek treatment as soon as you notice any of these symptoms. You can get back on your feet fast after a root canal operation. This process usually just takes an hour. You won’t feel anything since your mouth will be numb.

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