Gum Disease Symptoms and Signs

We’ve all been told just how important it is to ensure that you are practicing proper dental home care by thoroughly brushing and flossing, but many do not know exactly why. A very large part of the stress on proper home care is the prevention of gum disease. Continue reading to learn more about the […]


5 Steps to Protect your Child’s Teeth from Cavities

Helping your child manage their oral health is a large part of helping them manage their overall health. Here are 5 simple steps that will help you protect your child’s teeth from cavities. Proper Home Care The most important thing you can do to help your child keep a healthy and happy smile is to […]


5 Important Things to Know About Dental Cavities

If you have been told that you have cavities that will need to be treated, you may be wondering exactly what a cavity is, how they developed, and what you can expect during your treatment. Continue reading for 5 important things to know about dental cavities. #1 What is a Cavity? A cavity is damage […]


Methods of Smile Makeover

Many people have an idea of their “dream” smile; straight, gleaming white teeth that make a lasting first impression and boost confidence. While at first it may seem out of reach, your dream smile is very much achievable with the assistance of a skilled dentist. Continue reading to learn more about the methods of smile […]


Teeth Whitening: Is it Safe?

Many people dream of a glamorous “movie star” white smile, but shy away from teeth whitening treatments due to the common misconception that teeth whitening is damaging or dangerous. Here at Robstown Smiles, we want to help you achieve and enjoy your most beautiful and healthy smile possible. Continue reading for more information about teeth […]


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